April 3rd, 2020 City Council Meeting Recap

Here is the video from today’s meeting:

Item 33

The Birmingham City Council approved an agreement with AIDS Alabama that would utilize $300,000 of funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOME Program to construct The Way Station, a 24-hour, overnight emergency crisis shelter and transitional housing center for youth ages 24 and under.

For more information on The Way Station, click here

Addendum Item 53

The City Council voted unanimously to extend the shelter-in-place ordinance that was passed last week. The new order is calling for residents to remain at home until 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2020.

The Council has determined that the unprecedented public health crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 is a clear and present danger to the community.

The order does not apply to first responders, utilities contractors/employees, people seeking essential services such as groceries or medicine, federal, state, county or city employees. According to the ordinance, all nonessential businesses must comply with the new restrictions. However, it will not affect anyone’s ability to report to work at businesses that are permitted to remain open, utilize curbside pickup for restaurants, grocery stores, or go to medical appointments. The ordinance does not add any businesses to the list of nonessential businesses that have been ordered to close by the Jefferson County Department of Health.

There are also provisions within the public safety ordinance that allow for some exceptions. People may lawfully leave their homes while this ordinance is in effect to engage in the following activities: outdoor activities that do not involve physical contact with others (walking, biking, hiking), care for family member or pets, providing goods and services or work necessary to build, operate, maintain or manufacture essential infrastructure.

Failure to comply with this ordinance is punishable by the general penalty provided in Sec. 1–1–6 of the General Code of the City of Birmingham.

Addendum Item 55

During Friday’s meeting the Birmingham City Council voted to extend the moratorium on new self-storage facilities from opening in the city for an additional 180 days.

Following a public hearing on June 2, 2019, the Council passed a six-month moratorium on new self-storage facilities — the ordinance included a clause for an additional 90-day extension, which was set to expire.

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, the Council is extending the moratorium for 180 days to allow for more public input and for the Planning and Zoning Committee to further consider the adoption of new restrictions and regulations on self-storage facilities.

Portions of the city that are zoned for M2 or I2 (heavy industrial) districts are exempt from these restrictions.

Full Agenda

Women’s History Month Tribute

The Birmingham City Council wanted to take a moment to honor the three women who serve on the Council. Councilor Valerie Abbott, Council Pro Tem Wardine Alexander, and Councilor Crystal Smitherman are shining examples of leadership and public service. Click the photo to view our tribute video to Councilors Abbott, Alexander, and Smitherman.

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