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Item 1

The Birmingham City Council approved a rezoning case for a former church to be repurposed into an event center. The property is located at 2205 Avenue G in Ensley.

Image Events and Consulting is a full-service event logistics company, with a focus on corporate events. The hours of operation will not exceed 10 pm on the weekdays and 12 am on Friday and Saturday. The center will be able to accommodate 40–50 people.

Following a lengthy discussion on parking variances, Councilor Hunter Williams applauded the applicant’s presentation.

“I’d like to thank you for coming in here so prepared and for answering all the questions we’ve had,” Williams said. “I’ve seen a lot of different hearings over the last seven years, and not many of them know every single aspect of their business like you do. Investments like this can really have a positive impact on the community and your preparedness makes it very clear what the community can expect with this business, so thank you.”

Here is the item as it appeared on Tuesday’s agenda:

An Ordinance “TO FURTHER AMEND THE ZONING DISTRICT MAP OF THE CITY OF BIRMINGHAM” (Case No. ZAC2023–00012) to change zone district boundaries from CR-5 Contingency Multiple Dwelling District to QC-2 Qualified General Commercial District at 2205 Avenue G, filed by Danielle Baskin for The Image Events, and situated in the SW ¼ of Section 31, Township 17-S, Range 3-West, Birmingham, and the hearing of all interested parties. [Second Reading] (Submitted by Councilor Abbott, Chair, Planning and Zoning Committee) (Recommended by the Z.A.C.) (NOT Recommended by the Planning and Zoning Committee)**


The Birmingham City Council approved an ARPA-funded partnership with TechBirmingham for the amount of $150,000 for a program designed to effectively transition junior software developers and engineers into senior-level talent.

The City of Birmingham has made a concerted effort in recent years to address the need for retaining home-grown talent and a local workforce. This investment, which is part of the District 5 ARPA funds, will help bolster the city’s ability to continue its trajectory as a technology hub.

This program will accept junior-level programmers from local companies and offer training to help improve their skills and allow for them to apply for higher level positions, essentially improving Birmingham’s technology workforce and talent pool.

“I just want to thank this organization for their effort to retain and improve talent here in Birmingham,” Council President Darrell O’Quinn said. “In conversations we’ve had, it’s been noted that in order to grow our tech sector here in Birmingham, we need to be able to fill senior-level positions. Thank you for the work you are doing and I’m very glad to be able to support this initiative.”

Here is the item as it appeared on Tuesday’s agenda:

A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute and deliver an agreement between the City of Birmingham and TechBirmingham, in an amount not to exceed $150,000.00, under which TechBirmingham will implement its Birmingham Upskill Partnership Initiative to pilot and eventually launch a comprehensive program designed to effectively transition junior developers and engineers into senior-level talent (where significant resource and programmatic gaps remain), to help companies retain their workforce to address the shortage of experienced senior-level talent, which has hindered the growth and development of an innovative technology ecosystem to address the negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic experienced by tech workers in the City of Birmingham due to the workers’ occupation or level or training. [Funding Source: 039_000.527–050 — ARPA District 5 Funds] (Submitted by the City Attorney) (Recommended by the Mayor and the Chief Community Planner)

Council President Pro Tem Wardine Alexander congratulating the Wenonah High School Girl’s Flag Football Team for their 2023 State Championship!


There is currently an opening on the Birmingham Water Works Board. In order to apply, please email your resume and cover letter to by close of business on Friday, January 12.




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