City Council Meeting 6.11.19 Recap

Item 2

  1. A minimum 5’ to a maximum 8’ privacy fence shall be constructed along the northern boundary and western boundary of the site in permitted area adjacent to residences to provide as a buffer from potential nuisance impacts.
  2. Submission to and approval by the planning staff of the Planning, Engineering, and Permits Department of a site development plan to include, but not limited to, the location and heights of all structures; parking; ingress and egress landscaping; location, size and number of all signs, storm water drainage; buffering and screening of solid waste disposal container constructed of wood, masonry brick, or concrete which is architecturally compatible with the primary building sufficient in height on all 4 sides with a boule wooded gate at the entrance; and screening of all HVAC units and satellite dishes. All on and off site improvements shall be developed and maintained in strict conformance with the approved site development plan. All landscaping as per approved landscaping plan, shall be installed prior to the occupancy of the development and shall be maintained in a living condition no less than as installed. Any amendments, additions, deletions, alteration or changes to any of the above listed standards of the approved site development plan, shall require approval of an amendment of the approval site development plan by the planning staff of the PEP Department
  3. Providing a minimum of 3 handicapped parking spaces on the site.

Item 18

Item 40

  • Issue arrest and search warrants
  • Set bail and approve bonds
  • Conduct trials and hearings
  • Operate the Citations Bureau to process less serious traffic and some non-traffic cases without a formal court appearance

Full Agenda

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