City Council Meeting Recap 6.30.20

Watch the video from today’s City Council Meeting

Here are a few of the main items the Birmingham City Council discussed at the June 30th, 2020 Meeting

Restorative Strategies

A contract was approved for an amount not to exceed $14,500 for Restorative Strategies LLC to launch a pilot program that will identify, partner and coordinate resources for 90 justice impacted persons — family members who incarcerated people living in Birmingham.

This program will specifically target parents, guardians, grandparents and children who are in need of housing, mental health or addiction services. The program is set to last for seven months following Tuesday’s vote.

According to the group’s website, “the objective of this initiative is to reduce gun violence and recidivism — the likelihood of a convicted criminal to reoffend. Through this program, 26 male youth and 36 male adults will experience cultural education, workforce development, case management and mentoring.”

Linn Park Monument

Today the Birmingham City Council voted to pay the $25,000 fine that was levied against the City following the removal of the Confederate monument in Linn Park.

In 2017, the Alabama Legislature passed a law that protects historical structures, such as monuments or other statues that have been on public property for 40 or more years.

On May 31, protestors gathered in Linn Park for a peaceful demonstration. Efforts were made to remove the 52-foot obelisk, as demonstrators chipped away at the base and even tied ropes to the structure. During the event Mayor Randall Woodfin told supporters he would “finish the job” and remove the monument in a safe and controlled environment.

Following this move, Alabama Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the city for removing the monument and violating the state law that was passed three years prior. Tuesday’s vote settles that lawsuit and the money will go towards the state’s Historic Preservation Fund.

Census Education

In an effort to increase participation in the 2020 Census, the Birmingham City Council voted to determine all Census related events as a public purpose, opening the door for funding and resources to be used to help with community outreach.

These events include, but are not limited to, community engagement meetings, presentations and public service projects. In the coming weeks, the Birmingham City Council will be ramping up efforts to engage with community members about the Census and why their participation is so important.

Full Agenda



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