Joint Budget and Finance Committee/Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda

Photo courtesy of Chris Thomas

On Friday 12.8.17, a Special Called Committee of the Whole Meeting was cancelled due to a snowstorm. That meeting’s agenda had one item, the FY 2017–2018 Budget. The Council and Mayor’s Office intended to come to an agreement, in order to get a resolution to pass the budget on the Council Meeting agenda for this Tuesday, 12.12.17.

Today’s meeting is a joint meeting of the regularly scheduled Budget and Finance Committee, and that rescheduled Special Called Committee of the Whole Meeting.

The Budget and Finance Committee is comprised of:

Chair: Council President Valerie Abbott, Council President Pro Tem, Jay Roberson, and Councilor Darrell O’Quinn.

Today’s Meeting will be held at 3:30pm on the 3rd Floor of City Hall. We will be live streaming the meeting on our Facebook Page

Here’s the agenda (2017–2018 Budget towards the end).

2017–2018 Budget

Here’s the version of the FY 2017–2018 Budget that the Mayor and Council will be considering to place on the agenda for tomorrow’s (12.12.17) City Council Meeting:



If accommodation is required for an event or meeting, please contact Chiara Perry, Public Information Officer, with reasonable advance notice or by emailing, or by calling 205.254.2294



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