Public Safety Committee approves ordinance that would prevent inhumane treatment of animals

The Birmingham City Council’s Public Safety Committee approved an ordinance on Tuesday that would amend the city’s code to prevent animals from being inhumanely tethered.

That ordinance is scheduled to come before the full Council in two weeks. According to the proposed amendments, it will be unlawful for anyone to tether a dog or other animal with a chain to a fixed point. Among other changes, owners will be required to provide a running line for their animal and, according to the ordinance, “the tether must be attached to a properly fitting collar or harness worn by the dog, with enough room between the collar and the dog’s throat through which two fingers may fit.”

Councilor Hunter Williams, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, said these changes are necessary to prevent the passive abuse of animals.

“When I drive through our city, I’ve grown increasingly disturbed by the number of animals that I see inhumanely chained and left unattended,” Williams said. “These changes are about holding people responsible for their actions towards animals they’ve chosen to care for.”

Here is a copy of the proposed ordinance:



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